The art of light: interesting lamp design

2022-03-30 11:20

Lamps and lanterns are necessary products in our daily life. With the improvement of living standards, lamps and lanterns no longer simply play the role of providing light source, but as an ornament to show the quality of life. Therefore, designers are also constantly exploring the diversity of lamp shapes~



2021 is designed from the prototype of traditional kerosene lamp. Kero is a modern dimmable lamp, reflecting the movable characteristics of its predecessor. Its oversized frame protects the handle when tracking familiar contours. Designed for digital lighting manufacturer gantri, kero is customized through plant-based 3D printing and manually completed in California.


Maskor Lamp for Gantri

Muka designed the table lamp for gantri, an American company that produces 3D printed lamps as the final product. How does this dazzling lamp draw inspiration from the elegant natural spiral of Nautilus shells. The unique concentric ring is moved to the center of the workpiece, allowing light to pass through the tulip from inside to outside. Maskor's warm and comfortable luster makes it very suitable for sleeping, while its modern eternal style is always pleasant to wake up.


Mood Lamp _   Brachio Wants To Be Alone

The lighting design adopts the brachio silhouette of joguman studio. Focusing on lithography technology, the cloth covered brachio silhouette inspires imagination.


Google visual assistant concept